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I'm so happy you found us... I look forward to supporting you through whatever stage of your parenting journey you're experiencing. 

As a lactation consultant (IBCLC), Infant Sleep Educator, Parent Coach, Doula and Babywearing Educator, I have had the privilege of helping over 8,000 families reach their parenting goals!! What each of these families has taught me is that there is simply no 'right' way to do this whole parenting thing. And with three of my own children, I can attest to this! So whether you're here because you are tired or sore, needing to change feeding practices, fumbling with a baby carrier or feeling unsure about all of the conflicting information out there, your'e in the right place. I'll be your Dr Google, your library and your cheerleader - together we will find the best solutions for YOU! 

A little about me... I am an IBCLC who has had the privilege of training and working at the International Breastfeeding Center ( in Toronto. Most call IBC the Newman Clinic, for it's namesake and founder Dr Jack Newman. I have learned more and more, every day, from these breastfeeding experts and take pride in sharing the Newman-approach with my community! As a Newman clinic staff member, I bring the quality and expertise of the IBC to Halton at my own Breastfeeding Clinic at Abaton Integrative Medicine ( Accompanying skilled lactation care, my focus and experience is truly with oral anatomy concerns such as tongue and lip tie, challenging cases that go beyond the common skill sets around latching and feeding management.

Alongside breastfeeding and infant feeding support, I have certifications and training in Babywearing through the Canadian Babywearing School, Infant Sleep Education via Bebo Mia's program, Doula through DONA and CAPPA, and Parenting Coach with the API's Attached at the Heart Parenting program. I fond that I couldn't fully understand or support one aspect of parenting without learning as much as possible about others! I have also had the amazing and rewarding opportunity to mother three unique, caring and empathetic children and am grateful to spend my days helping others the way my own parenting mentors supported me.

Whether you need help through feeding, sleep, babywearing or parent coaching from preconception through to grade school, I have the expertise and experience to jump in and help! I also have an amazing team of referrals to help you with anything we discover, beyond my scope to treat.

Let me know if you have any questions before booking time with me!

Ashley Pickett

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