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Anxiety Free Sleep Support

Sleep support:

I know how tiring it can be to have a new baby, with nighttime parenting needs. Especially when we aren't getting good sleep ourselves!

As an Infant Sleep Educator, my role is to help you through education around normal sleep, and to help you find more sleep for your whole family. The focus is not on changing your babies sleep. I would assess the possible causes for wakings that are outside of the normal expectations for babies, such as feeding changes, environmental disruptions, or food intolerances. And then we would find ways for you to get more sleep by addressing what we find!

A majority of the sleep help out there assumes that babies are experiencing bad habits, and use techniques to break those habits. Consider an Infant sleep Educator the alternative to baby training! I give our tiniest humans a bit more credit than that. What I find is that most of the time, something else is causing unusual wakings, and when that has been figured out, sleep comes almost on its own! 

The second focus is how to get your whole family more sleep, with us working towards shifting your adult sleep and lifestyle habits that may be leaving you too tired to parent normal baby behaviour. Much new research has shown that Sleep training doesn't actually help babies sleep better, and doesn't change their own waking amounts or lengths. It simply breaks them from the expectation that when they need you, you will be there, and so they stop asking for help. Since baby training doesn't help babies but is instead a way to get parents more sleep, and also has the potential of causing relationship and attachment concerns, there may be better ways to help you feel more rested without having to go through that.

Basically, what I do is offer an alternative to sleep training. As we focus on helping you find ways to feel better and sleep better, we go about it in a way that keeps your babies developmentally normal sleep intact.

I offer both private consultations or phone consultations, depending on your needs. I can see you in my office at Abaton Integrative Medicine in Oakville, or come to your home for an extra fee.

When working out a feeding/sleeping issue, we would have two visits - the first is a feeding assessment and focuses on ensuring that the sleep issue isn't just a feeding issue. Well gaining babies can have feeding issues - it's actually more common than most would believe! And it's a fairly easy "fix" when it is the case. Once that is sorted, or if not feeding related, other physical causes are either addressed or ruled out, we would move to the next visit. The second visit is focused on improving your adult sleep habits, gently and in line with your infants developmental norms.

The investment for this package is $400 (my office) or $450 (your home).

If you weren't sure about what you need, and want to schedule a phone consultation for some tips & tricks before going for the package, we could try that first. The fee is $1.50/minute and I usually schedule in 30-60min blocks of time. This would be to evaluate your challenge and see if there are any simple tricks that might help.


General Parenting Coaching

I also offer a Healthy Family Sleep class, which covers all of the basics needed to understand normal infant sleep. This could be a group or private class, followed up with a coaching session if you wanted. This is $75 per family.

Alternatively, any one off consulting I do regarding sleep, feeding, parenting, etc is $100/hour. This would be similar to the phone consultation, but in person in my office, and would be useful if you have many questions and would like to consult on them.

General topics needing support are introducing solid foods, baby led weaning, healthy family sleep, weaning, transitioning back to work, managing new siblings, positive discipline, conscious parenting, babywearing support, potty training, and etc. if you have a concern you feel I may be able to help with, ask me. If it's something that I don't have the skills to support I will refer you to someone who does.