FLOURISH is a comprehensive weekend of pregnancy, childbirth, recovery, breastfeeding and infant care education. So much more than a typical prenatal class; we’ve combined everything new parents say they wish they learned into one convenient weekend including catered lunches and refreshments.

You’ll learn about:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy

  • Labour and birth: stages of labour, positions, coping strategies

  • Tips and tricks for confident birth partners

  • Postpartum care for Moms

  • Newborn care, breastfeeding, infant sleep and babywearing

You’ll also be treated to lunches, refreshments and snacks from local businesses! You’ll learn more at Flourish than you would at any other prenatal class. Everything is included! Just show up and enjoy.

Join Expert Moms Ashley Pickett, IBCLC - Lactation Consultant, Sleep & Babywearing Educator (, Jaklyn Andrews, CCE - Childbirth Educator, Doula ( and Dr. Denise Handscomb, ND - Naturopathic Doctor (

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prenatal support

Best beginnings Breastfeeding SUPPORT package

If you have not yet had your baby, and would like to line up the very best preventative support possible, the "Best Beginnings" package is designed for you. This package has a focus on avoiding the most common breastfeeding challenges such as nipple and breast pain, slow weight gain, supplementation, and too frequent or long feeds. Also, to increase your confidence in your ability to breasted your baby and overcome any challenges or normal changes that may arise!  I always offer non-judgemental support towards whatever breastfeeding goals your family has identified. With this package, I am on call for your due date as well as available for phone/text/email support throughout pregnancy to your first month.

This package includes:

  • an email containing information on how to get the best start

  • a prenatal phone call to discuss the shared information and prepare for the first few feeds

  • a home or hospital visit (your preference), within the first 48 hours

  • a follow up visit in my Oakville office within the first 2 weeks

    (I can come to your home for an additional travel fee)

The investment for your Best Beginnings is $400. Contact me for booking info!




You deserve the best possible start to breastfeeding! Feeding your baby is natural and normal, however it’s a skill like anything else and takes time to master. Join me and other families-to-be to enhance your knowledge and understanding of breastfeeding your baby. Whether feeding your baby starts out smooth, or you end up running into challenges, knowing how to trouble shoot and decipher problems can help you feel confident and ready to meet your babies needs. 

We will discuss many topics, including:

  • How the breast is designed, and how the system of milk production works

  • Steps to take to get the very best start

  • Relationship between the latch & milk flow

  • On Demand vs Scheduled feedings

  • Signs of a well fed baby

  • Barriers to weight gain and milk supply

  • Ages and stages, what to expect

  • Importance of Self Care for parents

  • Common Breastfeeding challenges, and when to get help

You may learn about Breastfeeding in your childbirth/prenatal classes. I design this class to cover information above and beyond the typical breastfeeding section in most prenatal/childbirth classes.
The investment is $75 per family. Please see events for upcoming classes!

birth Doula and breastfeeding Support package

Becoming new parents for the first, second or third time can be enjoyable and anxiety-free! I would love to provide you with loving, targeted, and personalized pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding support as your doula. I have been a doula for over 10 years, and have been honored to share the birth space with over 200 families who have trusted me to provide them with loving pregnancy and birth support. My approach is to support the entire family unit, by making suggestions, educating, and reminding clients of their wishes when it matters most. It isn't my wish to be THE birth partner when another loving family member or friend is there to share the experience. Instead, I love to help the clients partner, family or friends guide them and love them and physically support them in the ways they may like to be supported, I can be very hands on with massage and counterpressure, or simply be there to hold space for you all to have the most amazing experience! We would talk in detail about your goals and wishes in our prenatal visits, so you don't have to even think about it n the day of.

Birth doula support includes prenatal education and support, as well as postnatal check ins to make sure you're doing great!! And as both an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and doula, I include the above Best Beginnings Breastfeeding package, with extra prenatal breastfeeding education and postnatal breastfeeding visits to help you not only have your best birth, but your best breastfeeding relationship too!

After we meet twice prenatally, I will attend you through your birth experience and then stay for a while after to make sure you're settled and to help with a feeding. I will also visit two more times at home. The investment is $1300.

Let's set up a no-obligation meet and greet, to answer all of your questions before making a decision!

 Contact me for booking info