Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Home Visit Options

There are a few options for our initial consultation: 

  • HOME VISIT: I come to your home for a consultation. An initial home visit is $200, and includes all taxes, travel and a month of follow up texts/emails. Initial visits are up to 1.5 hours long. Follow ups are $150 and up to an hour.

  • OFFICE VISIT: I see you in my office space, downtown Oakville. An initial visit in my office is $150, and is up to 1.5 hours. Follow up visits are up to 1 hour, and the fee is $100 in office. We have on site parking. I am at Abaton Integrative Medicine Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • For twins, please expect a 2-hour consultation. The extra time needed increases the fee by my usual hourly rate. It is $200 for an office visit or $250 for a home visit.

Anything over these outlined times is charged at my hourly fee of $100 per hour. Example – a 2-hour initial visit would be $200 in office or $250 at home.

What to expect in an initial visit:

In our visit together, I will take down your history to understand what may have contributed to your breastfeeding concern. We will walk through a feeding so I can help assess the breastfeeding issue, so it is important that your baby is hungry during our visit. I will try to identify and/or correct any current challenges, and together we will make a plan to resolve your issue and help prevent the most common breastfeeding difficulties. 

After our visit, we can book follow ups as needed until you have reached your breastfeeding goals. You are welcome to contact me for a approximately a month with follow up texts/emails as well. Please note that I will get back within 24-hours, and if you do not receive a response, to please resend or better, call me. It has happened that a text or email has gotten lost or didn’t come through, and it would never be my intention to not answer you. We could also schedule an appointment if there is a new concern, or a new need such as a focus on Sleep, Babywearing, or Parent coaching.

I do also offer phone consultation when there is a new challenge, and the fee for this is $1.50 per minute.