Breastfeeding Support

breastfeeding support: expert help
at any point in your journey

Breastfeeding can be really challenging, sometimes feeling like one of the hardest thing you've ever done. And guess what… we can do hard things! As a Dr. Jack Newman trained lactation consultant with a decade of experience his clinic, I would be so happy to share my experience with you and help you reach your unique feeding goals! You may have already seen multiple lactation supports, however, my approach is often unique to the support my clients have already received.

If you are experiencing any of the following, I can help:

  • suspected TOTs (tethered oral tissues such as tongue tie)

  • sore nipples or sore breasts

  • not enough breastmilk

  • frequent, long feedings or frequent, short feedings

  • white/blanching nipples and shooting pains

  • candida/thrush in parent or baby

  • tongue tie, lip tie or buccal ties

  • reflux & colic behaviours

  • aerophagia and infant gas

  • induced lactation: surrogacy / adoption / same sex couples

  • chestfeeding

  • blocked ducts and blebs

  • managing jaundice

  • blood sugar regulation

  • mastitis and other infections

  • diabetic pregnancy preparation / Type 1 diabetics breastfeeding

  • tandem nursing / breastfeeding multiples

  • full-term breastfeeding

  • transitioning back to work

  • introducing solids

  • weaning from the breast / abrupt weaning for medical reasons


There are many ways to access support! I can see you for a targeted 1-on-1 visit in your home or in my office, at my weekly Walk-In Clinic, or if you’re looking for social support you can come and hang out with us at a mom-to-mom drop in.

Breastfeeding Visit Options

Home Visit

In your own home, we can get you the best latch in the spaces that you use the most. On your chair, and your couch, or in your bed... a great option if you find that everything works in the clinic, but doesn’t seem to work once home! Also helpful for families who have had a cesarian birth, siblings at home, or challenges that make it hard to get to clinic.

  • A home visit is $200 for up to 1.5 hours, and includes a month of follow up texts/emails.

    *Please see further details regarding fees, below.

Office Visit

You may book in to see me at Abaton Integrative Medicine, located in downtown Oakville. Our office is warm, welcoming, and feels like a living room! You can lean back in a comfy chair, or lay down on the bed.. anything to help you feel relaxed while we find the best solutions for you! Please contact me via the contact tab here.

  • An initial visit in my office is $150 for up to 1.5 hours.

  • Follow up visits are $100 and up to 1 hour.

  • Drop-In Group clinic is Mondays from 1-4pm and is $50/family.

We have free on site parking at Abaton. I hold office hours at Abaton Tuesday and Thursday, and can sometimes accommodate other days of the week including weekends.

walk-in breastfeeding and infant sleep clinic

Oakville’s new and only Walk-In Breastfeeding Clinic is held at Abaton each Monday, from 1-4pm. This clinic is best for families who need quick prenatal planning, emotional support, weekly baby weigh-ins, ongoing latch checks, and to share targeted conversations about feeding and sleep. It is also an excellent way for existing clients to access on-going follow up. For new clients, there may be situations best handled in a one-on-one visit, and if this is the case, I will suggest that we book a private visit.

Please check the event section to ensure the clinic is running.

This clinic fee is $50 per visit.


phone consultations

Sometimes we just need a quick chat, or a little coaching! Phone calls are a great way to get some quick tips before our visit, or to follow up as things change over time. These are best for quick behavior questions, discussions on going back to work, planning sessions for new siblings or introducing solids, and anything else that doesn't require me seeing your baby. These are also recommended for existing clients, when there is a new challenge and we have already had an initial visit. Calls are $2 per minute, and we can book 15- 30- or 60- minute time slots.


best beginnings package

Prenatal breastfeeding education & postnatal support package. Details here.

prenatal breastfeeding classes

We run a comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class a few times a year. This class is designed to go above and beyond what you will learn in your childbirth education class. We cover the anatomy of breastfeeding, how to get the best start, how to avoid nipple pain and the most common breastfeeding challenges, the secrets to efficient feeding, and more!!


breastfeeding socials

Breastfeeding Socials run 4 times a month, combined with babywearing and parenting support in our Breastfeeding Cafes and Parenting Circles. Parenting is hard, and we're not meant to navigate this alone. Our Breastfeeding Socials in Oakville, Milton and Mississauga are a great safe space to share joys, challenges, and funny stories about nursing your baby. They are also a great place to talk through concerns, meet other breastfeeding families, and share your hard-won wisdom with newer parents!!

2nd Thursday of each month from 130-3: Anxiety-Free Parenting Social
(Birth, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Infant Sleep, Infant Feeding, Parenting)
MCRC Milton, 410 Bronte Rd. S, Milton

2nd Friday of each month from 12-130: Breastfeeding Social
Bridgeway Family Center (Brittany Glen), 5632 Tenth Line, Mississauga

3rd Wednesday of each month from 1:30-3: Anxiety-Free Parenting Social
(Birth, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Infant Sleep, Infant Feeding, Parenting)
OPNC Oakville, 2200 Sawgrass Rd, Oakville

4th Friday of each Month from 2-330: Breastfeeding Social
Bridgeway Family Center (Turtle Creek), 1801 Lakeshore Rd, Mississauga

What to expect in a breastfeeding visit:

In our one-on-one visit together:

  • I will arrive within 30 minutes of our scheduled appointment time for home visits. Drive time depends on time of day, distance, traffic and more. Please be patient with your approximate appointment time.

  • I will record a history to help me understand what may have contributed to your breastfeeding concern.

  • We will walk through a full feeding assessment so I can help target the breastfeeding issue and plan (it is important that your baby is hungry at some point during our visit).

  • I will try to help identify and/or correct any current challenges, with you.

  • Together we will make a plan to resolve your issue and help prevent the most common breastfeeding difficulties.

  • At the Walk-In Clinic, these services are considerably condensed; please see walk-in description.

  • Anything over outlined appointment times will be charged by the quarter hour.

  • MULTIPLES: Please expect a 2-hour consultation, and please add $50 to home or office fees.

  • We will schedule a follow up for 1-2 weeks after our initial visit or as needed until you have reached your breastfeeding goals.

  • You are welcome to contact me for approximately a month with follow up texts/emails as well.

  • We can schedule an appointment or phone consultation if there is a new concern, or a new need such as a focus on Sleep, Babywearing, or Parent coaching.

Please note that I will get back to messages within 24-hours, and if you do not receive a response, to please resend via the contact me form.
It has happened that a text or email has gotten lost or didn’t come through, and it would never be my intention to not answer you!