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Walk-In Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep Clinic

Location: 235 Randall st, Oakville.
On site parking lot off Dunn St.

Fee: $50 per family

Welcome to Oakville's newest parenting support resource led by expert moms!! We host a walk-in group clinic, to provide ongoing support to families experiencing Breastfeeding and Sleep challenges.

We support:

  • sore nipples and breasts

  • blocked ducts and mastitis

  • vasospasm (compressed nipples and breast pain)

  • baby not getting enough at breast/supplementing

  • weaning from the breast or adding bottles

  • going back to work

  • introducing solids

  • using lactation aid/SNS

  • frequent feeds/night waking

  • trouble getting baby to feed to sleep

  • bedsharing, crib transition concerns

  • exploring normal sleep by age

If you have Breastfeeding concerns, our IBCLC will take down your recent history, examine your baby and assess a feeding, and provide solutions to move through your Breastfeeding concern. Families may come weekly to check in, have their latch assessed, weight babies or to make changes to current feeding plans. Some challenges require a more targeted consultation to start. If a one on one consultation is suggested, the initial visit will be discounted by our drop in fee.

If you have sleep concerns, our Infant Sleep educators will assess your history, your Infant and your sleep challenge and provide guidance and solutions for your family. We may suggest other practitioners who can help solve the underlying concern. It is important to note that we help within the range of biologically normal infant sleep support, and do not provide information or strategies on Sleep training.