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Breastfeeding Essentials Class ($75/family)

  • Abaton Integrative Medicine 235 Randall St Oakville Ontario (map)

Join our Breastfeeding Essentials class, where you will learn everything you need to know to get the best start to breastfeeding possible!

For something so very natural, it certainly isn’t usually easy… I’d love to help reduce your fears and increase your confidence, while you enter this stage of feeding your baby.

In our Breastfeeding Essentials class you will be guided through up to date, uncomplicated and easy to implement information on how to make breastfeeding work best for you! Whether you would like to exclusively breastfeed, mix feed, or just give it a go and see what happens, the tools you’ll leave with from our class will set you up for your unique version of success.

This class is for prenatal families and families with babies under 6 weeks who feel like they need more information, or maybe, a different approach from what they’ve been learning. We also welcome all forms of breastmilk feeding, chestfeeding, tube feeding, and induced lactation.

We cover the basics (which may repeat what you learn in your childbirth ed. classes) and then really expand on those basics into the practical knowledge needed to help you and your breastfed baby thrive… aside from anatomy, positions and reasons to give it a try, we dive into night nursing, healthy infant sleep, falling asleep at the breast, cosleeping, airway health, how to define your unique version of breastfeeding, how to catch issues early on, how to handle that well-meaning friend who always offers advice, and much much more. Ashley always tailors the class to the families who attend, and targets the information to relieve your personal fears or challenges around breastfeeding. Ashley is certain that if you can truly understand how breastfeeding works, you can act as your own breastfeeding mechanic along the way!

Flexible Course Outline:

  • the anatomy of the breast & milk supply

  • how to get the best start, incl. birth plan additions

  • the relationship between latch & flow

  • removing barriers: covering clocks, feeding on demand, not swaddling

  • behaviours of a well fed, satisfied baby (not just weights and diapers!)

  • breastfeeding timelines: when to expect changes and how to parent through

  • self care! how to take care of you while you take care of baby

  • when to get help - early signs of common challenges

This class is $75 per family, and includes handouts and access to early text support with Ashley! Students of our class also receive discounts on Ashley Pickett’s popular Best Beginnings package designed to help you prevent the most common breastfeeding challenges new families face (details here).

Payment is required to reserve your spot. Please phone Abaton Integrative Medicine to book by calling (905) 580-3333. If you are a practitioner and would like to attend, please email me here to inquire.

Ashley Pickett trained at the International Breastfeeding Centre and uses the world renown Dr. jack Newman-approach to Breastfeeding in all of her work and classes… and there is a reason Dr Newman travels the world and writes the text books on latch and feeding management! Check out her other classes and workshops, free community support groups, and private consultations for any of your pregnancy, birth and parenting needs!