Breastfeeding Educator Certification

Feel confident answering all your client’s breastfeeding questions!

Inspired by the World Health Organization’s 20 hour breastfeeding course, this ONLINE certification gets you ready for all the questions you will get as a birth and parenting professional. This training is ideal for prenatal & postpartum fitness experts, doulas, childbirth educators, sleep educators, massage therapists, nurses, and anyone else that is working with expecting and new parents.

This course may also provide some inspiration and direction to those interested in pursuing a pathway to become an IBCLC, however, this course is in no way connected to the IBLCE.

This 18-Module self-study course will enhance your birth & parenting practice.

A bebo mia Certified Breastfeeding Educator will be able to:
↣ answer breastfeeding questions that come up for clients in the pre & postnatal periods
↣ help clients prepare for breastfeeding
↣ provide information & strategies for the best possible start to breastfeeding
↣ educate the public on breastfeeding related issues
↣ be a general advocate for breastfeeding as it relates to Population Health
↣ offer a comforting & non-judgmental space for clients to discuss breastfeeding & breast milk feeding
↣ offer an experienced perspective
↣ appropriately refer to a Lactation Consultant, or other medical professional

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